When You.

"When you won't admit that holding on hurts more than letting go and moving on."
"When you realize that all these times, those sweet moments were false hopes."
"When you realize you fell for him and he's not there to catch you."
"When you can't forget his sweet smile and his bright eyes."
"When you feel like you've had enough but you can't force yourself to move on."
"When he's with someone else who makes him fall heels over head and you feel your heart hurts."
"When you finally realize that all these times he fell for you but you never did realize."
"When you remember everything about him and he wasn't paying attention."
"When you know he's willing to fight for this girl and you know perfectly well it's not you."
"When you're friend-zoned."
"When you changed yourself because of him but he can't see it."
"When you realize the only way you can be part of his life is only by watching him from distance."
"When you know there's nothing more to hope for."
"When you're watching him from the distance and you feel your heart flutters."
"When you can't distance yourself from him."

"When you're too in love to let this go."